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Time for another exciting blog about veggies.  You may not find it anything really exciting but I hope you find it helpful.



In the last blog we talked about spinach.  In this one we are still going to talk about another green veggie, cabbage. 

Growing up my mom loved to feed us cabbage.  Whether she shredded it, rolled it, souped it or as sauerkraut on sausages.  My mom must have known that cabbage was good for us.

Cabbage has a disease fighting antioxidants like vitamin C.  It also has lots of sulfur compounds that help fight suspicious cancer causing substances in our bodies.  Scientists say that women who eat cabbage regularly have a 45% lower risk in getting breast cancer.  They also say that cabbage can help heal ulcers.  So instead of grabbing tums try maybe juicing some cabbage.

A final note, red cabbage has 15 times the beta-carotene than green cabbage.  This is the only time that you get the green light to go red.


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