Maintenance & Follow Up

Your new lifestyle for maintaining your figure

A sense of euphoria throughout your deal Journey You feel a constant well-being and no hunger or fatigue. With Pro-Energy, your results will be excellent short-term and long-term. You will have no loss of muscle mass and your cellulite will be reduced.

For Best Weight Loss Results!

Eat every three hours to avoid hunger and respect your Pro-Energy program. Make sure to weigh yourself every week to keep up your motivation.

Healthy Skin!

With the Pro Energy program, you will notice a difference in the softness of your skin. This is because the Pro Energy Protein is of the highest quality and will help protect your skin and keep that healthy glow.

Muscles are Protected and Cellulite is Reduced!

The Pro Energy program is also great for maintaining muscle mass compared to conventional systems. Again, the high-quality protein helps melt fat while keeping your muscles healthy. You will also notice an obvious loss of your cellulite.

Exercise is a Must!

First of all, you made a good choice for your health. To help you make good habits, you should walk at least 20 minutes per day. As you follow a weight management program, all the products that you consume will help keep your muscles healthy. What better way to achieve your goals!


NO weight management program provides long-term results without an effort to reduce bad eating behaviours and to make lifestyle changes.

The transition and maintenance phases are crucial to the Pro Energy program as bad eating habits and poor lifestyle quality will often be a source of weight regain. This is why psychological care, motivational support and compliance to the protocol is extremely important and will guarantee long-term success.

A little reminder that whenever the body reacts to a protein with carbohydrates (such as starch), insulin in the blood increases and prevents the mobilization of fat storage as well as the return of acetone, which will therefore reduce the effect of hunger and increase snacking. It is for this reason that the reintegration of carbohydrates in the form of starch will strategically allow the body to gradually adapt to its new eating lifestyle.